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you're regular street clothes that you wear when out of uniform. this includes any uniforms: work, band, military, school, so on.
also refers to costumes or any other required dress you wouldn't be seen in on a day to day basis.
show up to practice in your civies, then we'll change into our performance clothes later.
i brought civies to change into right after the game so i can still go out tonight without looking like a retard in my uniform.
by Witty Woodstock August 24, 2007

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someone who is stupid or acts dumb or immature. basically another version of a retard.
Ricky: so he says "we don't sell eggs here"
*everyone laughs except Ben*
Ben: but i don't get it.
Ricky: geez ben, you're such a fawntard.
by Witty Woodstock August 22, 2007

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to be all good, or alright, or to be thick gravy goodness
1:I'm so sorry i can't make it to the movies tonight with you

2: It's huggiebear. i don't mind.
by Witty Woodstock August 24, 2007

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