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A relocation forum that claims to allow all points of view but is really just a front for Realtors. Moderators are given extreme power and control to ban members that they disagree with. If you post anything negative about a city or state you will eventually be banned.

They have a reputation points system that is completely useless. The Mods, Realtors, and clique play childish "rep me" games with one another so as to bolster their points to appear like experts to the naive newbies.
newbie: Hi I'm a single mom with 3 kids and I want to move to Florida. I have no job, no family there, and no money in the bank. Florida has palm trees and warm weather and that's why I want to move there.

Realtor: Come on down, you'll do fine here.

actual FL resident: You shouldn't put your children in jeopardy like that. Florida's unemployment is really high and jobs are hard to get. Save up money and line up a job before you move here.

city-data clique member: Shut up you troll. Florida is perfect and you are just a malcontent.

Ohio resident: City-data clique member and Realtor are correct. I visited Walt Disney World 15 years ago so I know everything about Florida. Palm trees make everything perfect so I am moving there myself. I'm so tired of these malcontents hijacking threads.

newbie: Thanks Realtor, city-data clique member, and Ohio resident for all of your help. "Actual resident" please stay off of my thread and quit being a malcontent. I only wanted positive posts.

actual resident: How am I a malcontent for just telling the truth and trying to help someone?

Mod: closed for Mod review

Mod reps Realtor, city-data clique member, and Ohio resident. They rep Mod back. Mod bans actual resident from city-data.
by Joey the Moderator July 21, 2010
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City-Data, also known as Chitty-Data and Censored-Discussion, is a website that fronts as a city information site, but is really nothing but a lame chat forum that is run like a nazi concentration camp.

After you have made a few posts, you'll likely notice they have been deleted. This is because C-D is possibly the most heavily moderated and censored forum on the net, with the most f'ed up TOS where the gestapo mods will delete your posts, issue infractions, or ban you just because they feel like it. This is most common in the biggest boiling shit cesspool on the site, the politics & other controversies forum.

In this forum, you will discover it's nothing but a shithole infested with right wing extremists and neo-nazis. These inbred hicks will troll up every thread with racist comments and parroting the latest bullshit from Fox News and Glenn Beck, and the stormtrooper mods will protect them. If you try to call out these nazi posters, you will get banned.
Because of this, there are numerous unconfirmed rumors that this forum's moderators and the site itself have strong ties to Stormfront.

Typical interaction on this forum:

"I fucking hate niggers like Obama. That muslim nig needs to be put on the next slave ship back to Kenya."

You: "I don't like Obama either, but do you really need to talk like that?"

20 seconds later, you will receive a message: "You have been banned from the City-Data forum. Reason; trolling"
If you ever wanted the true "Auschwitz experience", visit the City-data forum!
by MC Banhammer August 29, 2012
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