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Comparison to be used when describing a tightly packed area, or mode of transport. Comes from when the slave trade was in full swing, and P&O ferries dropped their standards to optimise profit margins.
Harry: "Joshua! This train is bloody packed! It's worse than a bleeding slave ship!"
Josh: "Yea, i know. Smell's 'n' all!"

by Jeffrey Douglas November 20, 2006
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When two people are locked in a 69 and a third person penetrates the top person and the bottom person licks them both while they go at it. The bottom person preferabbly begs for cum.

A slaveship has cramped quarters and I'm sure they'd eat/drink whatever they could get a hold of.
There's nothing better than pulling a slavehsip with my girlfriend and her sister.
by Mike's Spike January 24, 2005
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A slave ship is a slang term for the dutch rudder adaptation of a circle jerk. Involving two partners, the dutch rudder is one individual moving the other partners arm to help masturbation. Like some of the other masturbation adaptations, the idea is that the experience is more enjoyable when another person is involved and assisting in some way. When you put several of these pairs of "Dutch Rudderers" together in one area, this is called a slave ship. The word "tugboat" can also be used and carries the same meaning. Tugboat is oftentimes preferred over slave ship in case your friend "circle" is interracial.
"Lets go in the woods, snort some crystal, and have a slave ship around the campfire."

"Those guys bought a giant leather corner couch so they could sit around and have a slave ship party."

"I'm tired of doing the dutch rudder with just you Tom, and I'd like to have someone helping me at the same time, so let's invite over a few guys and do a slave ship in the basement."

"Make sure to send the slave ship Facebook invite as 'a tugboat' because I want Jamal to come. He's so strong looking."
by JoelPerv August 24, 2011
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In reference to a girl's anus, when she can fit many black men's genitals inside of her anus.
Kyle: That girl showed her asshole to me and it looked like she had a slave ship inside of her.
by noob attacker of doom February 18, 2018
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