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A forum of white nationalists. People who want an "ethno-state", a country for white people only.

They believe that relentless immigration in the West is a white genocide, in the UN sense (intentional destruction of an ethnic group, no killing required). And that the people responsible for it are...the Jews.

the Jews, according to them, are trying to bring a massive influx of non-Whites into Western countries, as a "divide and conquer" strategy to beat the Whites. Stormfront has good individual examples of pro-immigration Jews (such as Barbara Spectre), and Jews who hate white people (such as Noel Ignatiev). But there are racists in every race.

cultural marxism is their major enemy.

neo-nazis and white supremacists are only a minority (about 5-10%). However there are radical beliefs shared by a vast majority there such as :

- Homosexuality is an error of nature. This is an official stance.

- The races are not equal. The overwhelming majority are the textbook definition of racists (e.g black people are genetically less intelligent and prone to violence).

- Culture is determined by race.

- Race mixing should not be allowed, since it is the cause of the "mongrelization" (sic) of the white race.

- Abortion is a crime (lots of radical Christians there)

- Widespread support for the KKK (even KKK recruiting threads), partial support for the Nazis and Holocaust denial, and marginal support for convicted criminals such as David Lane or Dylann Roof.
Stromfront member : Liberals have a double standard when they support affirmative action for minorities but shut down pro-white advocates as "racists". Anti-racist is anti-white. More diversity means less white people!

Normal person : Actually, that's a good point. That's why I'm a (classical liberal/conservative), I've always been against affirmative action and feminism, I love calling out the regressive left for being anti-white on this kind of "diversity" BS. Equality of opportunity for everyone, and ease up on the immigration.

Stormfront member : This won't be enough. Your race is dying! The Jews are trying to mongrelize the white race out of existence and they made up the Holocaust as cover-up to appear as the victims! The Jewish media is trying to portray faggotry and race mixing as good, just to reduce the number of white children! The Negroids and the Jews will destroy us, separation is the only answer.

Normal person : Ummm...I'll pass.
by Hamstergamer February 06, 2017
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A website that promotes "white pride". Basically, a bunch of complainers who think that the world is against them and that they can't express this aforementioned "white pride" but that all other races can. In fact, if they took the time to talk to normal black/asian/hispanic people, they'd probably realize that these people don't mind them expressing ethnic pride, but instead these "white nationalists" choose to take the example of A SELECT FEW racist minorities in the media to validate the fact that the world is against them.

They also spend a great deal of time describing the "great jewish conspiracy" in which, supposedly, Jews have engineered all the major horrors of the 20th and 21st century. Ironically, the State of Israel (which, of course, they bash) had a huge amount being created of help from the United States (their "white homeland") and is a pro-Western country that the U.S. still supports.
Stormfront member: Ok, so listen, ummm the Russian Communist Revolution was headed by Jews and umm, well ummm the Germans realized that they were trying to defraud all Europeans and ummm the Holocaust is so exaggerated because other people died umm they had it coming.

Normal human being: Get a life.
by Mr_Real November 25, 2009
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