A website that promotes "white pride". Basically, a bunch of complainers who think that the world is against them and that they can't express this aforementioned "white pride" but that all other races can. In fact, if they took the time to talk to normal black/asian/hispanic people, they'd probably realize that these people don't mind them expressing ethnic pride, but instead these "white nationalists" choose to take the example of A SELECT FEW racist minorities in the media to validate the fact that the world is against them.

They also spend a great deal of time describing the "great jewish conspiracy" in which, supposedly, Jews have engineered all the major horrors of the 20th and 21st century. Ironically, the State of Israel (which, of course, they bash) had a huge amount being created of help from the United States (their "white homeland") and is a pro-Western country that the U.S. still supports.
Stormfront member: Ok, so listen, ummm the Russian Communist Revolution was headed by Jews and umm, well ummm the Germans realized that they were trying to defraud all Europeans and ummm the Holocaust is so exaggerated because other people died too...so umm they had it coming.

Normal human being: Get a life.
by Mr_Real November 26, 2009
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Racist commenter on a message board or web forum. Usually there to troll, make racist jokes, or propogate fake statistics in order to convince others into being racist.

Attracted to race related stories and issues like flies are attracted to shit. The difference is the flies smell better.

Name comes from a webforum for white supremacists.
trolluser69: "Blah blah blah blacks blah illegals"

Normalperson1: Great, the stormfronters are here!
by thatguywiththecommonname August 17, 2014
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A more amusing term for TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist).
Just read a Mumsnet post about a transgender teacher. Prosecco Stormfront strikes again!
by TF45 October 5, 2020
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When something is completely stupid, illogical, nonsensical, & invalid. Especially, but not limited to, racist propaganda.

(Referencing the Stormfront website/forums.)
Moron: The Holocaust never happened. It's all a bunch of ZOG propaganda.

Smart person: Seems legit. Stormfront legit.
by BovverByrd October 13, 2015
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Used to describe something that is particulary blunt and unconcealed racist.
"You've seen the new nationalist party fliers? They're straight outta stormfront!"
by Uncle Augie July 10, 2009
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