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An acronym for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, a.k.a north Korea. The term is often used by Western supporters/advocates of north Korea instead of the term "North Korea", because "North Korea" implies that Korea is two separate and distinct entities, and not one nation controlled by two different governments.
Charles: Did you about the new construction projects going on in North Korea?
Worth: You mean the DPRK? Don't say "North Korea" like an imperialist.
by Kimilsungia March 07, 2019
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Acronym for Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
Also an oxymoron since the DPRK is neither democratic nor a Republic.
It is ruled by a pedophile midget named Kim Jong Il.
South Korea should send an assasin into DPRK and rid the world of that rat piece of scum.
by seer54321 November 07, 2006
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