not obeying a rule. a violation.
"Nick's failure to appear in court after being cited for marijuana possession, an infraction he ''forgot'' to tell me about." -David Sheff
by morsettie April 17, 2008
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A sexual position involving an offensive lineman, a defensive lineman, and greasy twisted woman (frequently Asian). The neutral zone infraction occurs when the two opposing lineman double penetrate the woman orally and vaginally(frequently anally). The neutral zone infraction can only be official when the combined weight of all 3 members involved totals 650 lbs. Any illegal procedures that are a result of this, ie staring the opposing lineman in the eye, will result in instantaneous homosexuality and a 5 yard penalty will be given
Jeff: Did you hear what those sick fucks on the football team did?
Hank: No?
Jeff:They gave that blind Asian chick in our advanced biology class a neutral zone infraction
by Francis Costello February 2, 2011
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someone who gives out infractions on a forum
jesus is this years highest infractioner
by JONESSN May 26, 2008
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The slowest POS to ever disgrace the walls of DHC
Your nitro jato could probably smoke Larry’s Infraction
by Gaythan12321 April 17, 2021
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The bluntest tool in the box that believes that he/she can get away with wearing a brightly-coloured patterned 70s all-in-one jump suit on a ski piste, whilst all around them decent human beings are getting on with their lives. Clearly these clueless spanners have misunderstood the meaning of re-living their pasts and have renounced any hope of future poon-pummelling by insisting on dressing like tits who should otherwise contribute to society by going home and change everything about your simple meaningless existence, including their wardrobe. Stop doing and start thinking, you cretins.
You have certainly found your place in society with a face like that whilst wearing that shit. Have you totally given up on life you fashion infraction?
by Captain Cackpipe September 10, 2011
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