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a fun-loving lesbian that idles in #absolutepunk on wondernet.
Your mom was acting rather chupes last night.
by omgwtfbbq! March 28, 2005
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Verb - To Suck. Something that is below expectations causing disappointment.
Lets not watch that chupes! or q: How was your Christmas this year? A: It chuped! I didn't get any good presents.
by Shcolar December 28, 2013
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literally, a mix of vomit and feces. More commonly an insult for someone who is annoying. If the person is as annoying as the smell of vomit, or feces, or both, or someone creating both, then they are a "chupe". Calling someone a "chupe" will cause the target to run away in tears.
You're such a chupe, Aaron.
by wildwesttour August 20, 2011
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