A girl who has a little weight on her but not enough to call her fat.
That girl isn't big, she's more of a chunky butt.
by TheMightyMos December 16, 2008
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Cute way of saying "Baby", often expressed to your Lover.
"Hey Chunky butt, How are you?"
"Who's my chunky butt?, Yes you are"
by Felix Santos May 8, 2008
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(1)A person with a butt of notable presence. Appears to be fun to grab and play with.

(2) A nickname for a cheeky person whose personality is full of unpredictable bits.
Hey, chunky butt, you look like you'd be a monk on the streets and a plumber in the sheets.
by beezeeB September 20, 2020
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Diarrhea. That nasty, chunky brown water that comes out of your butt after a bout of the stomach flu or a lot of Mexican food.
I can't take any more of this chunky butt pee. that's the last time I eat at Ole Taco Joe's.
by J-Dawggy Dawg April 30, 2006
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When a boy has a large, round badonk. Usually found in khakis a size too small. Other symptoms include threadbare moccasins, an American eagle polo, and a lanyard hanging out of the back pocket.
Carol: Have you seen Greg's global chunky butt?
Louise: Yeah! Way better than Jerry's string bean man behind!
by Chunkybuttcarrol December 1, 2016
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disgusting cellulite and fat which is found on a person's ass and thigh area, usually it is seen on fat/obese women at the beach wearing the teenyest bikinis, or sunbathing naked
damn, that bitch has got some crazy ass chunky waffle butt!! how do they let people like this on the beach? it makes me sick! hahaha
by E=mc2 July 17, 2006
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