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a high school in Cincinnati filled with highly intelligent students who are excellent at procrastinating. walnut hills students produce superior test scores with very little effort. known to the private schools as a scary ghetto place and to the public schools as the snob of secondary education.
"Dude, that kid is brilliant but suuuuuper lazy."
"Yeah, he goes to Walnut Hills High School."
by youwantgo March 17, 2010

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1. to be had, owned, pwned, destroyed, annhilated, or humiliated beyond repair via a witty, verbal remark
2. definition of the Latin verb chungo, chungere, chunxi, chungtus/a/um, meaning to chung or be chunged
"Man, it is freezing cold out here."
"Just like your mother. You just got chunged."
by youwantgo March 16, 2010

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