Used reflexively as the indirect object of a verb; to call a person; homeboy
Hey, chui!
by rchow August 14, 2003
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A dude that gets drunk every time he drinks, has 365 birthdays throughout the year. Very agreesive in hitting on girls, but never succeeds. Nastiest person on the planet (except for a couple).
Chui is a noun, cannot be used any other way.
by Chui May 24, 2006
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where are you or what are you up to?
ed:ey chuck, chu is?
chuck:im at the maddison show, chu is?
ed:im at phill knells house
by rayraytastey March 05, 2009
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A dorky dude with the first name Kevin, no one likes him and hes a pansy fathead.
Damn man, don't pull a chui!
by Freelancer April 02, 2005
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A slang word used to refer to 'a beautiful woman but is too fridgid for her own good'

Chui is a combination of chinease and english

pronounced Choi...like Troy but with CH...if you get what im getting at
dude A "whoooa duuuude look at her"
dude B "yea i tried, dont go there, shes a Chui"
dude A "Chui wtf you chatting about"
dude C "omg A dont you know...phitt but fridgid"
dude B "yer look it up"
by duuuuuuuuuude November 14, 2007
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