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To be very excited about something. It is from the word chuffed.
Danny - Man, that game gave me chufties.
Dave - How many did it give you. I'm talking about scales here.
by David D June 28, 2005
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A combination of cubby, buff, and hefty used only to describe truly obease and horrid things.
Woah, I'd never date that heffer! She's chufty!
by new age tears March 09, 2004
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I was viweing pornography the other day so i decided to have a chufty.
by chuftyman March 29, 2005
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A combination of chubby and fat. It's a person who is not obese, but is chubby/has puppy fat
that girl over there is proper chufty.
you're a right chufty one.
by AKay July 20, 2012
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