The balance between fat and anorexicly thin.
She's not a heffa, that's just puppy fat.
Every woman should have puppy fat, atleast she won't break in half if you fuck her too hard.
by m00nki February 26, 2007
When a teenager, aged 13-15 gains weight during puberty, especially around their belly.
‘You can really see Lewis’ puppy fat when he takes his shirt off’ - I.e. Lewis has a belly.
by MCLCLCNCJCOC123 August 15, 2018
Under 15 year olds who dress like sluts and wear excessive amounts of make-up! Stupid hair back-brushed off their heads is optional. From the name of girl-band, Pussy Cat Dolls
Talk about Puppy Fat Dolls
by LEpurple October 6, 2010
When after eating a meal you become tired and want to lie down in the sun and take a nap like a fat puppy.
Uhhh! I just ate and now I have fat puppy syndrome!
by azdeuce July 24, 2008