noun - the erroneous bullshit of a script for a movie when doing dailies. Bruce Willis coined the phrase and uses it when shooting films when he gets rid of the unwanted dialogue or actions.
Kevin Smith: And then Bruce Willis was looking at the script for scenes 4 & 8 and goes, 'Chuffa. Chuffa' and starts ripping out page after page. ... I'm shocked and I ask what's Chuffa? And Bruce says, 'Chuffa's chuffa.' So I go, okay, I really don't know what "chuffa" is. What is it? Then he says, 'It's "Oh, what a nice picture. What a cute dog. Where's the fucking bomb?" It's that bullshit that slows down the entire movie.'
by wookiecookies24 January 29, 2011
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When a girl, or boy, performs oral sex while their recipricant is taking a shit, or doogy.
Nate gave Cody a smelly chuffa last week.
by Nate Veilleux December 10, 2006
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When male is sitting on the toilet taking a dump and someone gives the shit taker head.
Cabrera gives Vigue Chuffas while they are suspended.
by Robert Tracy March 27, 2007
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