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(Noun): A flock or group of Keanus.
The art gallery had a reeve of Keanus--- art prints that depicted the internet's boyfriend.
by wookiecookies24 September 28, 2021
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noun - the erroneous bullshit of a script for a movie when doing dailies. Bruce Willis coined the phrase and uses it when shooting films when he gets rid of the unwanted dialogue or actions.
Kevin Smith: And then Bruce Willis was looking at the script for scenes 4 & 8 and goes, 'Chuffa. Chuffa' and starts ripping out page after page. ... I'm shocked and I ask what's Chuffa? And Bruce says, 'Chuffa's chuffa.' So I go, okay, I really don't know what "chuffa" is. What is it? Then he says, 'It's "Oh, what a nice picture. What a cute dog. Where's the fucking bomb?" It's that bullshit that slows down the entire movie.'
by wookiecookies24 January 29, 2011
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1. (n) another term for pain pills that come in a variety of flavors:
Citrus for Codeine; Cherry or Cinnamon for Codone/codeine; Happy Cinnamon for HydroCodone ; Wildberry for a set of two (2) of Vicodine; Orange County, Orange Cotton Candy, or Cotton Candy for Oxycontin; Apple for Acetaminophen; Pineapple or Peach for Percocet; and Melon-Pear or Melon for Morphine

2. (v) to get into a mortal jam by overdosing off of pills, especially pain pills containing acetaminophen. With Acetaminophen, less than 4,000 mg or 4 grams should be taken per day or you'll eventually die of liver failure.
1. Ricky and Jane liked gum so much that the other 7-year-olds wanted Cherry for naptimes.

Got any Peach or Melon gum for the my Aunt Tessy's boring ass 80th birthday party?

2. Phil got gummed last night because the tard chewed sticks of 10 Apple gum in one mouthfull last night. Sasha said I get his Xbox.
by wookiecookies24 November 22, 2009
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(n)- a now old style of shoplifting technique where there are two groups of people used in a shoplifting scheme. The first goes into a store and rips off sensor tags on merchandise (usually clothing or small stuff) and puts it back on the display pile. They leave a quarter or a penny or something to notify that the stuff is clean to grab. The second group comes in maybe a half hour/hour later and looks for the quarters (or pennies sometimes) on the floor or on the display racks and swipes the de-tagged items.
tommy: yo yo yo, went 2 the mall near UCLA to check up on some chicas last night. ya never showed for the quarter trick yo!

sean: I ain't no tool and dat some old shit man. Theys known bout quarters since like 5 years ago. universally stupid man!
by wookiecookies24 June 17, 2011
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The Dono (short for Donovanosis or Granuloma inguinale) is an STD that causes painless lesions and heavy bleeding around your genitals.
Jeremy: Hey, Pete! Ya get some from that chit Mary last night?

Pete: Nah, dawg, she's got the Dono.

Jeremy: Damn.... dodged a bullet there!
by wookiecookies24 August 23, 2018
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A word over-used by artists, interior decorators, and McKenzie Childs lovers too cowardly to say "fun, crazy, eclectic, amusing, child-like & fantastical".

This term is heavily pushed by the art academia world describe objects or styles that are fun and fanciful in a higher-than-thou way.
Art student: This piece is fun, engaging, and reminds me of playfulness. The circles in the center are very bouncy and vibrant.

Professor: Whimsical, you mean.

Art student: Huh?

Professor: Use "whimsical" or else no one in a gallery will give you a second glance.
by wookiecookies24 August 4, 2012
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