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Small-format, hand-drawn, low-quality pornographic storybook. Popular in the first three decades of the 20th century. Usually pretty crude and often involving celebrities or popular cartoon characters.
Psst. Have you seen this tijuana bible with Archie and Veronica getting it on?
by jdub January 31, 2005
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When you're going to fight some dude(s)
you are going to "catch the fade" with them.
Those bitches dont want to catch the fade with us.
by jdub December 11, 2002
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When you're going to throw your elbows in a mob
that dude is gonna catch my bows to his nose.
by jdub December 11, 2002
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Hard, fearless, chin checcin, bitch slappin, who rolls with a clicc, doesn;t go down easy.
That homee got jumped and still walked home that's gangsta
by jdub December 13, 2002
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To be hit in the head forcefully by an object during a night of drinking. Also, when using the word, the sound effect "Bloop" should always follow in a high pitch voice.
"You just got Kenzied! Bloop!
by jdub June 08, 2004
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