Nino’s are the sweetest, most kind human beings to exist. They will try their best to make the people and cat’s they love as happy as possible, hence why they love them very much. They’re also extremely good at poker, and some may call them held. They’re very humble about it, though. Beside all of these great qualities, Nino’s have a beautiful face with very kind eyes that tend to sometimes look at you a bit too long. That’s all good though. And last but not least, Nino’s are very smart, witty and pleasant people to be around.
That person is so cool, it MUST be a Nino.
by M164 April 24, 2020
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Instead of casino its a nick name , nino.
Damn bro last week i won 10 Benjamin’s at the nino.
by Nologichector May 14, 2021
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See also Sexy Beast
Nino is a term which describes one of superior life skills. Ninos are known for their exemplary fencing capabilities and their extreme awesomeness. The word Nino may also pertain to one who is the sexiest and most popular man in his area.
Girl 1: Did you see that hot-ass guy last night?
Girl 2: Yeah, he was a Nino.
Girl 1: Uh, I should have known!
by Blayde February 28, 2008
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Probably one of the biggest flippen idiots on Kitchen Nightmares you will ever meet. This guy likes running up to the tables and go, HELLO, MY NAME'S NINOOOOOO. Apart from being an outright butthole, he also "cleans" the restaurant.
He makes everyone believe he does crap. Just like last night, he went up to every table and said, HELLO, MY NAME'S NINOOOOOOOOOOOO.
by It's raw October 24, 2017
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A name for an Italian guy, or a name that guys named Antonio like to be called for short.
Guy: Hey Antonio!

Antonio: That's not my name, my name's Nino, dammit!
by Bob Landry January 14, 2005
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Nino is a being higher than God himself, and Nino is all the exists and doesn't exist. Nino is me, and is not, Nino is you, and is not. Everything is Nino, and is not Nino.
Nino is, and isn't.
by WHlTE THUNDER January 28, 2020
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