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Cheif Artificial Intelligence Officer. The AI craze has entered the executive leadership team. The c-suite of AI.
I got a call from the CAIO, he said my ChatGPT account was overdrawn and telling lies.
by jmacofearth September 22, 2023
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The outrage of the Red Party and Freedom Caucus leads to a disastrous 2024 election cycle.
The ex-Fox hosts are continuing their journey down fury road on YouTube and right-wing websites.
by jmacofearth September 15, 2023
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The markets are tanking in fear of interest rates, AI, and the election year ahead. They are digesting the bad data, the Fed's mixed messages, and the coming interest rate hike.
Investors are trying waking up to this period of digestion and looking for new places to safely store their money while the markets go bonkers in 23 - 24.
by jmacofearth September 22, 2023
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“Now they have this augmentation via generative AI, which can make the fake stuff more believable, easier to generate, faster.” AI is coming for our elections. 2024 is going to be the cycle of deep fakes, AI speeches, and "election fraud" being yelled from the losing side.
In 2024 the generative elections were spoofed by LLMs simply making sh*t up.
by jmacofearth September 15, 2023
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It's like a data lake and a house. With AI pushing all the limits, data lakes are not enough. You need a data lakehouse to keep all your ones and zeros together and LLM'd to the max.
We tried everything to get our chatbot to get smarter, but the data lakehouse provided the connectivity and bandwidth we needed.
by jmacofearth October 6, 2023
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When someone in your life takes a left turn out of your life
She deprioritized me and went on vacation in HI with someone else.
by jmacofearth February 28, 2022
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Too Much Fucking Information - may be related to the act of fucking or may be simply an explicative to increase the sense of urgency.
I didn't want to hear about their date, it was TMFI. TMI, TMoI
by jmacofearth April 14, 2011
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