An expletive usually expressing disbelief or exasperation. It is the opposite to that of a Christian person saying ‘Christ on the cross.’ Somewhat akin to saying ‘Shit on a stick.’
“Christ on a fucking crutch, will you shut up and give me a break?!”

With a sigh and a shake of the head: “Christ on a crutch, I can’t believe how stupid this is.”
by logic000 July 04, 2012
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Robin: Holy Hobbling Christ on a Crutch Batman! The Joker really clobbered you with that one!

Batman: Shut the fuck up Robin.
by Anthony Gally July 13, 2007
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an expletive interjection referencing Jesus Christ. It is typically uttered in anger, surprise, or frustration, though sometimes also with humorous intent.
Person 1: Why the hell should I care about who you want to get revenge on, I want my share! Finish the job

Person 2: Jesus Harold Christ on rubber crutches, you shut your mouth! Give me your hand!
by what do i care 125 September 24, 2020
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a term used to describe something shocking, or so dumfounded and stupid.
Staff sergeant: jesus h. christ on a tin fucking crutch!, carl what the fucking hell have you done?!

specialist Carl: exactly what you told me to do sergeant I burn the shitter.

Staff sergeant: jesus christ, carl do as I mean not as I say!!
by Sparttjbkibweq23SsChief June 15, 2017
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