1. Chinese surname.

2. Another word for bye

3. Another word for food

1. My last name is Chow

2. bye!...chow

3. I'm going to eat puppy chow tonight..woo wee!
by chowman October 28, 2006
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This is a long haired dog known to be viscious and dangerous.

This can also be used as a one word description saying you got cheated on with, by someone. Used as a noun and verb.

Can be said as: chow, chowed, chowing
I thought I loved that girl but she ended up being a chow.

I caught my wife chowing with her sancho.
I found out my girl chowed my best friend on my bed.
by Sean Day Lou Swahili Swag September 06, 2016
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A person who is an alright mate but sneezes like this

Chow: A-chow
Mate1: What is that sneeze
Mate2: It's a chow sneeze
by Mike Wazowski (Lachie) February 14, 2017
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Would you please watch my chow while I'm at work.
by Southwest QT April 29, 2020
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