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A trashy person, loser, or drip
"Guy's a schlub," he said. The person reminded them of a supporting character from Mark Wahlberg's The Fighter or from the original Rocky movie. He was like Eric Roberts in The Pope of Greenwich Village.

"If it weren't for her singing career, she'd be a schlub," he opined of Britney Spears.
by Ninja Clan Lord February 03, 2017

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dollars. sometimes called smackers. see also buckaroonies.
That'll cost ya three smackaroonies, that plastic-wrapped convenience store pastry you have there.
by Ninja Clan Lord December 30, 2016

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I'm thinking it'll only take 20 buckaroonies to fix the door handle.
by Ninja Clan Lord December 29, 2016

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1. The other ballplayer who watched his at-bat said he did something sucky.
2. Some people thought the choice for Secretary of State was sucky.
3. "Your guesses at Trivial Pursuit are always sucky," she said.
by Ninja Clan Lord March 12, 2017

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The mimed, or more often real, slap to the hiney of someone else during some kind of from-behind sex. Also can just be any smack to the hiney.
He mimed booty-slaps like everyone else, but he was like too nice a person to have actually done that.
by Ninja Clan Lord December 30, 2016

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Jumping in the air on someone while he's doing a lay-up or a slam dunk and giving him a wedgie before he hits the ground.
The NBA star got the other NBA star with an air-wedgie
by Ninja Clan Lord December 30, 2016

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A smarty is a smart person.
Hey, you know him? He's a smarty.
by Ninja Clan Lord January 30, 2017

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