"chokehold" is a compound meaning a tight hold. it might very close so that the person held might feel choke.
You must be in Cupid's chokehold.
by Jasmine Neville April 03, 2007
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An aggressive handjob of the type Putin likes to demand from Dontrumpald.
I think the concept of a chokehold sounds so innocent and so perfect. You have to be careful, but with that being said, it would be, I think, a very good thing that, generally speaking, should deliver a happy ending.

I will say this you wrangle and you collude and what happens sometimes if you're alone with "somebody' who's tough and you get "somebody" in a chokehold, what are you going to do, say, oh, and it's a real bad Russian, and what are you going to do now? Let go and say, let's start over again, Mel says,"I'm not allowed to have you in a chokehold" It's a tough situation.

A chokehold s good if it's a one-on-one. Now if it's a two-on-one, that's a little bit of a different story, depending on stamina and hand strength you'd be better served with a double fluffer or an Eiffel Tower. Generally speaking, everyone should get a happy ended.
by J*Pen June 12, 2020
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A whiny puss Ebayed cleric who knows nothing about other classes, and above all holds perceived grudges and acts out his hostility to innocent guildmates, especially when his girlfriend is not putting out.
by Rebaidah October 09, 2003
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after one has acquired an erection and is desperate to make it unnoticeable, or gone, they put there penis in the Vietnamese chokehold, this is where you take your penis and position it so that is is pointing towards your belly button make it so that the girth of it is firmly restrained by the belt line, making it unnoticeable. the act of doing this can also cut off circulation, difusing the blood quickly. getting rid of the erection quickly and easily.
adam:so the other day in gym class i popped one, do you know what i did
Doug: What could you have done adam? everyone hates gym class randoms.
Adam: well i pulled a Vietnamese chokehold, cured it right up.
Doug: Cool story bro, tell it again sometime!
by doug_nd_adam December 22, 2011
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When a Female sits upright on your face and suffocates you with her vagina
Man 1: How'd Bob die?
Man 2: Sarah gave him a Californian chokehold

Man 1: May he rest in peace
by 2pacs of Eminem February 09, 2015
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The act of a man choking a woman between his legs during sexual intercourse while simultaneously ejaculating in to her mouth and creating a "sea" of seamen within.
Dude, I totally gave my girlfriend the Poseidon Chokehold last night and the sea was so deep.
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When you take a mans penis and rap it around his nutsack until it turns blue
Manny gave sal a russian chokehold for eating his cookie
by mannysfat March 14, 2010
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