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any indie rock or a band that could be labelled as punk and/or rock, alternative, etc. that has lyrics pertaining to sadness/death/dating/love/sweaters that hails from a dairy producing state

see emo
there is a new emoo band from Illinois, they sound just like dashboard
by Kay February 19, 2004
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A more upmarket Urban Dictionary.
Can be found at everything2.com
by Kay April 16, 2005
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Someone (more often than not American) who holds an extremely romanticised view of England and the English. Can be found putting on an Dick Van Dyke-esque English accent and saying things like 'fag'.
Anglophile: "Alright mate, can I nick a fag?"
by Kay February 23, 2006
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Money...can be used as describing loose change or bills.
Girl;Dad don't forget to leave my coins on the table before you leave!
by Kay December 12, 2003
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"Dude" accidently mistyped on a keyboard such as in an e-mail or instant message conversation.
Bob: Hey Heather. What's up?
Heather: Hey dooce.
Heather: Oops, I mean dooce.
Heather: Err... dooce.
Heather: DUDE**
by Kay November 8, 2004
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A British soap opera that can only be described complete and utter lump of shite. Has the most ridiculous storylines ever, Smallville looks realistic next to this.
Soap operas suck, who gives a shit about some made up TV characters lives? Not me. I hope a nuclear bomb goes off in the Queen Vic and wipes out the entire population of Albert Square. I'd watch that anyday.
by Kay March 18, 2004
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