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Trent, 'spelt' is British English for 'spelled'.

Anyway, as said before, it's SPELT "chillin like a villAIN" not "chillin like a villian". It means you are really relaxed et cetera. like a head of a rich criminal organization
by Kay May 26, 2004
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1) The most pointless phrase in the English language because you are already talking when you say this.
2) Means: You're screwed.
3) Signals the beginning of the end of a relationship.
4) Your wife/girlfriend wants to bitch about something. The perfect time to fake a heart attack.
1) A: We need to talk
B: We already are, dumbass.
2) A: We need to talk
B: Ahh shit.
3) A: We need to talk
B: *packs bags*
4) A: We neeed to talk
B: *falls to the ground clutching heart*
by Kay March 21, 2004
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When the duck butter and the swamp ass meet, form a mixture and drip down
Dude, my testicle tonic is getting out on control! It's making me wet!
by Kay April 4, 2003
A show about the Orange County where a lot of rich people live.
UK people: Channel 4, 6.30pm Sundays. Straight after that turn to E4 for the next episode.
by Kay March 20, 2004
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Daily, right-wing UK tabloid. Takes a simiiar editorial stance to the Daily Mail. Infamous for regular headlines about Princess Diana, 'political correctness gone mad' and immigrants/asylum seekers.
Daily Express headlines:
"Diana fund pays out to gypsies and asylum seekers"
"Suicide bombers in our schools"
by Kay November 21, 2007
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A term mostly used by Redneck southerners and ignorent people...its a shame really
bob:Geet yet?
billy:Naw jew
Bob:Naw yauntoo
Billy: AAH-ITE
by Kay May 5, 2005
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A hotel which, despite having 7000 peopel online at a time, still only has two cars in the car park. It's a pixellated hotel, you have your own avatar called a habbo and you walk around talking to people. Most of the rooms are; beauty contests, trade rooms, race rooms, beauty salons and mafias. The moderators are called Hobbas and the majority of them have their heads jammed firmly up their arses. Censor words that aren't even rude, such as "mouseindustries", "sonicmouse" and "freewebs" for no apparent reason. Teenagers buy ridiculously overpriced fake furniture for their fake rooms with real money. They charge you £2.50 per blinking month so you can wear special clothes that everyone else who's stupid enough to waste money on Habbo Club is wearing.

Great if you are a loner/rich as hell/all of the above.
by Kay March 20, 2004
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