To cheer on somebody or give a helping comment.
good job christy KEEP GOING!

That is a good example of a Acknowledgement John!
by kiyokiyokiyokiyokiyo January 17, 2011
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When you both recognize that you've 1)been wrong about something or 2)have hurt/insulted someone AND want to apologize for said transgression with the convenience of a single world
by TheMightyNutBusta June 17, 2010
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To accept, admit, or recognize something, or the truth or existence of something.
They refused to acknowledge the new government.
by Toa Pohatu February 22, 2017
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to accept that something is true
acknowledge something She refuses to acknowledge the need for reform.
Are you prepared to acknowledge your responsibility?
acknowledge that… The government acknowledged that the tax was unfair.
acknowledge something to be, have, etc. something It is generally acknowledged to be true.
Acknowledge something to be
by Viszuals On YOUTUBE June 2, 2020
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Female 1: Hey has Senpai acknowledged you yet?
Female 2: No he will never acknowledge me.
by lolcondor April 4, 2016
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Someone who without fail will acknowledge those around them in passing. Usually in an office environment. Generally it is perceived as polite at first, but will soon grow tiresome.
That guy is such an acknowledger. Every time he walks by someone he just has to say hey or hi or whats up. What' with that?
by fungineer_ktm August 9, 2019
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