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"Chocolate twinkie" is a slang that came from "twinkie" which was to make fun of azn people who were acting white. Like twinkies are yellow outside but white inside, that azn kid is yellow but inside he is white and acts white.
"Chocolate twinkie" is simmilar but instead the Azn kid is acting black. Chocolate twinkie is yellow outside but black inside. So the azn kid is yellow outside but is black inside.
*Infact there is a azn rapper in Michigan(Real name is You C. Yoon or Richard Yoon) who goes by the name of "Chocolate Twinkie" or AKA C. Twink.
Azn kid: Dude why are you suddenly acting like a chocolate twinkie?
Azn kid2: Who I been ain't have to be what you seen
by Jake Sorosky July 29, 2006
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A chocolate twinkie is when someone injects semen into a chunk of excrement then has someone eat it.
"I saw this nasty porno last night where this guy gave this girl a chocolate twinkie. It was disgusting! Still...kinda cool though..."
by Dave Caldwell June 10, 2008
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When a man proceeds to fuck someone in the ass and make the person give him a blowjob immediately after.
I watched this porno one night and this guy was fucking this girl in her ass and immediately shoved his dick in her mouth and screamed "Suck the filling out of my chocolate twinkie bitch!"
by windowlicker69 May 16, 2009
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n. While performing anal sex with a single partner, the reciever is demanded to force out a small, pastry-sized turd just as the giver ejaculates, inserting one's "creamy filling" into the defecation. The reciever is then fed the tasty desert.
Well Benson, this was a lovely date, and the dinner was delicious. Why don't we cap this night off by going back to my place and making come Chocolate Twinkies?
by King Bosh May 03, 2005
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