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Comes from Little Britain (BBC, Matt Lucas/David Walliams, 2003-05), specifically the Marjorie Dawes character. Dawes, played by Lucas, runs a "Weight Watchers"-style weight loss program, "Fat Fighters". In one episode, seh asked the group "What foods can we get cravings for?". One member said "Cohcolate", and Marjorie wrote "Choclit" on the white-board.
by James Vick January 01, 2006
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The term 'Choc Lit' is a work of romantic women's fiction, or 'Chic Lit/Chick Lit', where the man's point of view is featured, and is usually written by a British author.

'Choc Lit' has also been registered as a trademark in the United Kingdom and is the name of the publishing house where the term originated.

Taken from the Choc Lit web page:

Established in the UK in 2009, 'Choc Lit' is an independent publisher, specialising in quality women’s fiction with romantic content, where the writing clearly develops the hero’s point of view.

Their books have won 9 awards in their genre, including the 2012 Publisher of the Year and the 2012 Romantic Novel of the Year.

Their novels are distributed world-wide, and are available in both ebook and paperback formats from most stores.

All Choc Lit novels are selected by genuine readers. They only publish novels their 'Choc Lit Tasting Panel' want to see in print.

(I kept seeing the term, 'Choc Lit' but had no idea where it came from. I did some research and, since Urban Dictionary didn't have the info, I added it.)
A few examples of books offered/published by/as 'Choc Lit' are; The Memory of Snow by Kirsty Ferry, Dance until Dawn by Berni Stevens, A Stitch in Time by Amanda James
by Charli Denae January 17, 2014
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Teacher gets up and begins to write this weeks spelling list on the board, as she comes to writing the word 'chocolate' her brain fails on her as she is caught in a regressive memory of her weekend dancing naked on acid and writes 'choclit'.
by naybubble July 13, 2005
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n., 1. A chocolate covered clitoris.
2. A sweet milky piece of candy in a pink moist wrapper.
3. An Mmmm&Mmmmm.
4. The tastiest thing in the world!!
"Damn! I'm craving choclit again..."
by Clit Che October 13, 2007
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