A person who is really new or bad at computer gaming.
OMG, you are SUCH a chobo!
by Aleosha December 5, 2003
A guy that gets bullied by the owner of NabzClan, known as Joka.
Joka: "Ahaahah, Chobo is a Hundin."
by Doggo3729 October 5, 2020
A person with no home and a small penis

A loser that is also extremely rude
I hate that guy. He's worse than a dick...What's worse than a dick?

by teddybearfuzz August 29, 2018
Chobo is a shortened version for Chocolate Boxer. Implying that one likes to Fuck Ass.
Your dads a chobo.
by da_master_69 June 1, 2009
The act of inserting your penis into a water hose and cumming while water fills your penis.
Example 1: "Dude! I tried to Betula Choboe the other day and now i have a yeast infection!"
Example 2: "I tried to Betula Choboe the other day and now my dick is now bigger!"
Betula Choboes.
by Jazz69 April 1, 2013