I am Korean.As one of Korean native speaker,I can define this word,'chobo'
Chobo is a Korean word which means someone who is new to something such as driving,game,sports,jobs.
Cho=start,begin. Bo=step.

So,Chobo means a newbie.
Are you a man enough to fight against me in starcraft game?
You are a chobo.Get more experience.
by Jangwon February 1, 2004
A person who is not experienced in a game, or has vaguely any skills/experience. This word is often used by Korean's. Chobo is the same thing as a Newbie
Look at that chobo ( Look at that newbie/beginner )
by scourged August 18, 2003
Korean slang for newbie, commonly used in Starcraft
What a chobo
by Badme January 7, 2003
Noun. A korean word meaning one with little experience; one who is new to something; a beginner; a newbie. It is commonly used in games such as starcraft. cho = beggining bo = (i think "a person"..babo means a stupid person, so "bo" probably means "a person")
Leave him alone, he's just a chobo.
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
a hobo with a chode
That homeless fellow has a short, fat penis!
He must be a chobo!
by agnostimed February 2, 2011
one who rides saMa dick like theres no tomorrow.
chobo was mad because he didnt get into saMa therefore he opened a thread on the cal forums.
by some dude from connecticut January 3, 2008
An affectionate name for the one and only Charles Bronson, vigilante, pig-dog face extraordinaire.
by Nico Toscani September 1, 2006