5 definitions by Aleosha

1.To be tripping.
2.To be high.
4.Screwing up.
1. "Duuuuuuuuuuuuude, you're shrooming!"
2. Instead of "Wow, you're high," its "Wow, you're shrooming."
3. Instead of "You're crazy," its "You're shrooming."
4. Instead of "Don't screw up," its "Don't be shrooming!"
by Aleosha November 11, 2004
A person who is really new or bad at computer gaming.
OMG, you are SUCH a chobo!
by Aleosha December 5, 2003
A process which includes, but not limited to, any of these actions:
1. Finding something to eat.
2. Finding a place to eat.
3. Picking something to eat.
4. Picking a place to eat.
5. Preparing food
6. Ordering food.
7. Waiting for food
8. Eating the food
9. Cleaning up
10. Leaving the place

It could be a combination of any of the above.
Mitch: I am hungry
Greg: Want to go fooding?
Greg: I am hungry. Time for fooding!
by Aleosha May 1, 2005
An international band/group focusing on music.
"Global Elementz" has people from all around the world.
by Aleosha December 5, 2003
Someone who is new or bad at computer gaming, typed in |-|4x0|2
Y0|_| 4|23 5|_|c|-| 4 c|-|080!
by Aleosha December 5, 2003