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The quintessentially flawless and supremely intelligent student (who can spell quintessential and intelligent, unlike the deerfieldians); omniscient academically, omnipotent on the athletic field, absolutely spicy in the arts, matchless in manners, and not having a large stick shoved up his or her ass, unlike the deerfieldians that the linguist could, but won't, mention - because the linguist's school has class.
Despite being clearly superior to any subspecies inhabiting Deerfield, the Choatie still managed to remain modest and kind to his envious underlings.
by Natalie (Ace) '07 May 02, 2005
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After years and years of rejection from the higher ranked and all-around better school, Deerfield Academy, the students of Choate natrually developed intense jealousy toward the elite Deerfield students. A "Choatie" is someone who uncontrollably displays this jealousy by banging savagely on trash cans and running around shirtless with their fat, hairy, disgusting bodies flapping about in the wind for all the world to see.

The male specimen is certainly an ugly creature; little research has been conducted because scientists have been too disguted by their habitual stench of defeat.
Female choaties are too preoccupied with popping their zits and tweezing their unsightly nose hairs to realize that they are even in a school, making them the stupidest (and BY FAR the ugliest) creatures on the face of the earth.

Choaties are also known for belittling deerfield rather than cheering for their own teams. I guess they just can't find anything good to say about themselves, so they result to insulting others. how sadly insecure of them!

Damn, i'm glad my school's mascot isnt a pig.... But it is rather fitting, don't you think? A pig to represent the pigs! WOOHOO.
Deerfield Student: "I just got accepted to Harvard and MIT!"
Choatie: "I've never heard of those... What are they? Weight-loss clinics? where do you apply!?!?"

Choate Students: "deerfield sucks...? (but wait.. so do we...)"
by days of glory '07 June 17, 2005
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someone who attends the least prestigious first-tier boarding school; there is a lack of class instilled within him; typically fields rejects from Deerfield Academy, who vainly try to outdo said Academy in any of its numerous pursuits; failure is the norm for him; always considered a strong applicant for community colleges across the nation
Choatie, bag my groceries, bitch.
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Hey, Choatie, it's great to see how well you create your argument. You start by defining Choaties as "omnipotent on the field" "quintessentially flawless" and "matchless in manners". And you finish with, "because the linguist's school has class."
Thank you for blatantly lying to all UrbanDictionary readers.

2004 Deerfield-Choate Football game~ 29-21 Deerfield
2004-05 Deerfield-Choate Hockey games~
4-2 Deerfield; 4-1 Deerfield
2005 Deerfield-Choate Lacrosse game~ 13-4 Deerfield.

Choate must have more manners that Deerfield: running around with one's shirt off, banging on trash cans to excite the student body (mainly non-existent during matches- LOTS of spirit of course at Choate) is absolutely 100% classy. Great manners. You Choaties can't even rack your brains to create your own comeback! "Deerfieldian, shine my shoes." Wow, that's completely original, and not at all based off a previous entry under choatie.
Choatie, after you finish mowing my lawn, please take time to actually learn how to read and write properly.
by Days of Glory, 2006 May 08, 2005
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Choaties are on the whole- spoiled, conceited pieces of shit. They like to act cool and believe they are funny, when actually they are extremely cliquey and have sticks up their asses. The girls on the whole are anorexic. People who claim that it is a better school than deerfield or that they had a good time at choate are cuntrags assholes.
Your a Choatie too? Fuck you and eat my shit you dumbass fuckhead.
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6 describes a Choatie as an "Intelligent Student". I suppose that could change as easily as website ownership and a hundred bucks.
"Choatie dot com is where all the smart kids hang out."
by Choatie February 17, 2006
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