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'Choatie' is a word that refers to the students who attend Choate Rosemary Hall, a preparatory boarding school in Wallingford, CT. The people who refer to these students as 'choaties' are the people who live in Wallingford or the students at the other preparatory schools in the area. 'Choatie' is a slang word for a 'Choate student.' The people of Wallingford get rather annoyed with the 'Choaties.' Many people think they are overly rich brats that crowd local stores. They also cause traffic throughout the day by crossing the roads. They cross the roads numerous times; whether it is between classes or in the afternoon for a recreational activity.
"There is traffic in town. The choaties just got done with class."

"Half Moon was so crowded because there was a crowd of chaoties to showed up right before us."
by Melonhead693 December 27, 2009
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huge, lucious, irresistible well-formed breasts.
(With thanks to my good friend Brian out of Ohio)
Oh my God, check out the choaties on that Babe!!!
by Mark, friend of Splork August 17, 2007
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