a person who cleans the inside of anothers colon with their penis
gary glitter is a chimney sweep
by max bojovic December 22, 2007
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slang term for a gynecologist. could also be used to describe a proctologist.
I think I might have some squirrels beging to nest, I need to make an appointment with a chimney sweep.

Margret just got back from a brutal chimney seeping; aparently she had a lot of built up soot.
by octhrope word March 23, 2010
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sexual position, similar to the pile driver.
should be performed at least once a month, preferably twice minimum to prevent carbon build up or deposits along the walls of the inside of the intestines.
"so i met this girl last night and i asked her if she had had her chimney sweeped yet this season. she said no, so i sweeped it good.
by el_chimneysweep April 11, 2009
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Derogative term for black people who are abnormally dark, as an English chimney sweep would be
That chimney sweep Charlie Murphy is funny as hell
Yo, chimney sweep smile so i can see your ass; its too dark.
by Charlie Sampson March 7, 2006
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when a hetero couple is in 69 position the female grabs her dreadlocks in her fist and rubs them in a circular motion on the mans taint
I cant believe that broad gave me the ol' chimney sweep.
by Savege Henry August 14, 2011
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the act of cleaning another person's anus and rectum with one's mustache.
Bobby John didn't shave all week so he could give Billy Jo a good chimney sweeping.
by vingt20 June 17, 2011
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to insert a toothbrush into your rear end for sexual pleasure, bristles first
my brush snapped when i was chimney sweeping, its still in the flute now.

i chimney swept my dog

look dude, you do not want to shard whilst chimney sweeping
by mr b allbags August 14, 2008
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