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A mythical creature that was created by a 10 year old and is also the name of a xbox account.
Yo chimmer your so sexy
by Michael Chimmer Lovera August 05, 2016
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A totally inept person. Similar to a div or a retard.

A abbreviation of the terms 'Chin-Pie Gangster' and 'Chimp'
When are you going to get your homework done you frigging Chimmer?
by Jim Bob March 10, 2005
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My friend Tim who works at Apple...and lets you know over and over and over. Has had many girlfriends and thinks he is a cassanova and maybe he is. BUTTTT he has the most annyoing chin hair (he calles it a goat-tee) anyway it looks more like chin pubs. So we use to call him Timmers but now its Chimmers.

Also he is the best friend a guy could have and truly loyal friend but walks into being made fun of and seriousally i cant help myself anymore.
Matt: sup chimmers
Tim: Yo, i work at Apple
Matt: I know
Tim: apppplle..soo cool\
Matt: yes
Tim: Me Apple lovers
Matt: =yanks on chin hair-
Tim: APPLE..i mean OUCH
by history753 February 23, 2005
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