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In Colombia "chimba" is used in a lot of contexts but the exact meaning is a pretty girl pussy. Diminutive strenghts the prettyness. It is less coarse than chocha.

It also means that someone/something is cool.

Also a few people uses the term as a synonym of penis.
That guy/girl is a chimba. I dated that chimba. In the party there were a lot of chimbitas. The trip was a chimba.
by Pedro Piqueras July 15, 2006
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In english it means woman pussy; or in others therms it means lucky man, en espaΓ±ol se refiere a la vajina; en otro sentido la palabra chimbero significa debuenas o suertudo
I'm love the pussies
me gusta la chimba
by xavi julian April 10, 2008
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