1. Delicious chicken dish involving a slab of boneless chicken which is dipped and fried.

2. A term which can describe any body part that the speaker chooses.

3. Can really be substituted for any noun that the speaker chooses...if they want to make it akward.
Fatty: "I like chicken tenders"

Pedophile: "I have chicken tenders in my basement..."

Robber: "You will put the chicken tenders in the bag!"

Druggie: "So...you got any chicken tenders?"

Drug Dealer: "You want some...chicken tenders?"
by Argonak April 11, 2008
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a girl who is under the age of 18 but looks of that to be older. a.k.a. jailbait.
check out that chicken tender. she's fucking fine but fuck her and you'll get time!
by andy sanchez October 07, 2004
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A person, usually female, who excessively tans to the point where their skin resembles leather, the color orange, or a burnt chicken tender.
Holy shit, that chicken tender is skin cancer walking!
by Amber Rosa October 17, 2008
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Chicken tender, derived from the classic juicy delicious snack, this term is actually used as a compliment to indicate when someone is looking fresh and hot.
Went to pick up Abbey for our date tonight, she walked out lookin like a chicken tender.
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by npizzo February 21, 2018
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