to perform an action without wearing pants.
"i posted this defenition chicago-style."
by Chainsaw Dudley April 1, 2003
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I tried to do my girl chicago-style last night and she loved every minute of it!
by nigdude July 20, 2010
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when everybody in a group smokes their own joint at the same time
forget puf puf pass, everyone roll your own and smoke em chicago style
by Jackson Heights July 7, 2005
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When a man slaps his wiener into a poppyseed
bun and tops it with mustard, onions, neon green relish, a pickle spear, tomato slices, sport
peppers, celery salt and NO. FUCKING. KETCHUP. a woman then proceeds to swallow the chicago style sausage in one gulp.
bro i gave my girl chicago style last night, she was eating good as hell

dawg i want some good chicago style but my girl
wont let me do it to her. i tried to surprise her with
it when she was sleeping but she smacked my hot
dog out the bun fast as she could.
by ilostmyvcardtoajarofpickles September 3, 2022
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To shut somebody up by slamming them in the face with a whole Chicago deep-dish pizza, similar to a pizza slap.
by badonkadonkadonk June 20, 2017
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Sometimes called deep-dish or pan pizza, an excellent type of pizza originating in Chicago in the early 1940s. Now often misdescribed as "thick crust", the pizza generally has a thin or medium crust made of flour and cornmeal, upon which is laid a thick layer of cheese, with tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes on top. It is available all over the world, although the authenticity is questionable outside of Chicago.

Interestingly, many prominent Chicagoland pizzerias serve only thin pizza (i.e. not Chicago-style) which is also very popular if not moreso among Chicagoans. Some area pizza parlors offer both styles, apparently to cater to out-of-town rubes who want to try Chicago-style.
"I ate a Chicago-style pizza in London and my anus hasn't been right since."

"My grandfather ate Chicago-style pizza at Pizzeria Uno in 1945. He is dead now."
by Joe Bone April 18, 2005
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