Fashionable, without the deadening implication of intelligence.
"What that model was wearing was so chic!"
by Luther Dark April 02, 2005
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Pronounced "Ch-ick". A shortened nickname for a man with the first name of Charles. A man names Chic, is honest and loyal to the core, responsible yet fun loving, sensitive but still very much a man's man. He loves football, baseball, Harley Davidson Motorcycles and the occasional alcoholic beverage. Chic loves animals...especially dogs. He is a hard worker, and considers family his first priority. Chic is a good cook, especially grilling out. This man is shy, but would be a real catch if found.
Chic is a genuinely nice guy, He would do anyone for someone he cares about.
by MrsV1980 February 05, 2010
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Cannot really be defined. Its a word beyond all defination.
However, i would have to define it as.... no, i was wrong, it absolutly cannot be defined.

Its just chic.
Whoa, that shirt is totally retro chic in a urban sense.
by Alpha male January 08, 2004
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any italian irish kid who hates the irish part of himself and comes from a family of cops and becomes a cop himself
chic is getting promoted to desk sergeant of the nypd today
by bigbadbobbuddy October 18, 2006
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its like coool, but not too cool, n its dorky but not too dorky, its like suave, but to a lesser degree
Cute sunglasses, very chic!
by MushYushY May 23, 2004
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