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A greeting commonly used by NEDs and Bam's in and around the Glasgow area.
Haw man! How's it gon'? Thoat ye wur bringin the bucky ya daft cunt!

(translation) Hello my friend! How are you? I was under the impression you would be supplying the tonic wine today, you silly contemptible person!
by Kris February 08, 2005
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Hawman |hô'man| Exclamation

Used to express a range of emotions including surprise, anger, disappointment, or joy, or when reacting to something that has or will soon occur. Used in reference to a 'man' while not necessarily being gender specific to a man.

ORIGIN natural exclamation: first recorded in Australian English in the early 20th cent. Combination of the 'oh' exclamation of mid 16th cent. and Old English 'man(n)' of Germanic origin; related to Dutch man, German Mann, and Sanskrit manu ‘mankind.’
"Hawman...... I'm that loose!" "hawman not again..."

"Hawman..FFFFFF..... just make me a sandwich already"
by Gattisfaction August 12, 2011
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