The urban slang word for Hennessy congnac.
Yo baby, get me a Henny and Coke.
by sixiLiX December 27, 2002
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A referance to a liquor called Hennessy a cognac.
"Fuck up the party before it even start
Pissy drunk, off the Henny and stuff"

-Biggie Smalls
by john November 8, 2004
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henny is like what drag queens say, say it when you want to say hunty
Aja-Hey sis!
by huygfnn November 13, 2017
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A word for straight girls to use as a substitute for "hunty" while speaking with their gay friends.
GBF: What's up hunty?
You: Hey henny!
by fictionista August 18, 2014
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A shorting of Hennessy. Another way of saying honey. Created by Stacy Lane Matthews; a popular drag term
Oh henny she fucked up.

She drank to much henny
by Spicy chicken nuggets December 30, 2019
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Someone that is muscular. Another way of saying Hench but is a word that is more likely used towards a henny girl then a boy.
Would you ever go out with a girl that is into extreme sports?
Yeah, as long as she ain't too henny
by ClassTrash August 2, 2011
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It’s an amplifier it makes everything better, bigger, more amazing.
Can be used in almost any situation
Bro1: I’m so hungry bro
Bro2: Same bro, I’m in the mood for a henny amount of food

Gal1: Omg gal! You look beaut in that dress
Gal2: Thanks gal! You look henny gorg in yours too
by HighleyFriendlyPanda June 9, 2019
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