another word for breast, the pectoral region of the body
That man has some nice chesticals, he must work out.

Look at her large chesticals they look good in that shirt!
by katiebeth93 January 7, 2011
chesticals : Droopy floppy tubular tits on a woman, or elder male. Similar texture and gravity of a males Testicals. Otherwise known as "Oyster Tits"
"dude, your new stepmom has some dangling chesticals"
by preston July 4, 2006
The WRONG spelling for "chesticles" which means female breasts.
HandsomeRob86: Damnnn, your chesticals are fiiine!
SlutAngel69: Don't you mean chesitcles?
by tbonethugg October 12, 2009
what seems to be rather large testicals growing on a man's chestal area. or as some may call them, man boobs, or for slang, chesties.
Oh jeez, his chesticals were atleast a size c!
by Kim October 3, 2003
when some one kicks you in the nuts so hard its knocks your balls into your chest
cindy just gave ryan a fresh pair of chesticals....ouch
by ricky the sticky iky December 24, 2006