One of the greatest baked snack crackers ever. Made with real cheese, and tastes amazing. Sold in different flavors. Also spelled cheez-it.
by SuperKoopa June 9, 2006
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A most delicious snack cracker. Also known as sunshine biscuits.
Hey, I'm hungry.
Do you want some cheezits?
Yeah man, I love sunshine biscuits!
by lorenzo8 May 12, 2009
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A racist insult used by mainly asians against other asians.

Equal to that of "cracker" used against white people.

Unfortunately, asian LIKE being called cheezits.

(also cheese cracker)
White guy: Hey, what's up cheese cracker?

Asian guy: It's Cheezit you ignorant bitch!
by Scuba Steve™ February 27, 2008
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a tag to give to a retarded friend
oh theres cheezit john
by pewdieboi69420 February 7, 2019
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The greatest snack of all, the first time you try it, you're addicted, they have this cheesy flavor that is the best, some people may not like them, but that is ok, they weren't made for everyone.
I would die if I dont get cheezits
by MrQuarterz May 27, 2019
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The act of peeling a banana with your teeth while simultaneously doing the can-can to the Bee-Gees.
*Read out loud in Indian accent*
Holy crap kids, cover your eyes! He's CHEEZITing!
by Tom Scaret July 29, 2009
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