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A Caucasian person (white person) who acts Asian. Cheese crackers (white on the outside and yellow on the inside) are obsessed with Asian culture, sometimes traditional but mostly Asian media and pop culture. They self taught themselves how to speak at least one Asian dialect fluently (Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Taiwanese, etc...) and usually know handfuls of other Asian languages too. Most of there friends are Asians, and they try, and sometimes are able, to mingle with fobs. Cheese crackers love bubble tea, watch 20-or-more hour long Asian dramas, are able to identify every Asian stationary store in their city/town, and go to karaoke with their Asian friends, where they sing songs in Asian dialects. Cheese crackers only date Asians. Usually they either are or were at one point in there life, obsessed with manga and/or anime. Some cheese crackers attend anime-cons regularly. Female cheese crackers usually like feminine Asian guys. Female cheese crackers also make an attempt to own a large amount of foby clothes and accessories. (Sanrio items, tokidoki bags and clothing, leg warmers, school girl outfits)
"Shelby self taught herself how to speak Korean, and all the boyfriends she ever had were Korean too!"

"Wow she is such a cheese cracker."
by Anna K. Banana June 11, 2008
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A racial insult used by mainly asian against other asians.

Equivalent to "cracker" used against white people.

Unfortunately, asians LIKE being called cheeze crackers.

(also see cheezit)
White guy: Hey, what's up cracker?

Asian guy: It's CHEESE cracker you ignorant bitch! pfft, I ain't even white.
by Scuba Steve™ February 27, 2008
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The best biscuits u could ever find. advertised by ali salvemini and emma kameniar
Its a cracker...with cheese!
by Never you mind July 26, 2003
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