Low quality, cheap, inauthentic, crappy; fake. From cheese cloth, the thin cheap fabric used to drain cheese curd, and in the past sometimes used instead for proper cloth in cheap clothing.
(While feeling the fabric of a shirt on the rack) "This one feels a little cheesy." Hence any low-grade or fake product, tangible or not, offered to the public.
by TedC January 17, 2013
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Extremely exaggerated and makes people barf when hearing about all these lovey dovey antics.

Synonyms: Jamesy, gouda

"You're more cheesy than mozzarella"

"That's a bit Jamesy..."
"I disa-brie"
by sasssychic August 17, 2014
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A ridiculously bad foosball goal. Most often the perpetrator of such an offense has no foosball skills, and relies on cheating or "flukes" to score.

The most significant use of the term was in 2002 during a series of legendary foosball games at the University of Northern British Columbia a player, having lost a number of games began to shake the table. In his inglorious method of distracting opponents, he began to score goals, even winning some games.

The entire universtiy foosball population began calling his goals cheesy, although the reason remains unclear, especially seeing as he didn't even go to the damn school. Some refer to the goals as cheesy because they "Stink". Other use the term because the player that scored such a fluke of a goal operated a cheese factory on his parents farm. Still others probably came up with it while blazing a fattie.

To this day, poor goals in foosball are known as cheesy, and the term has spread as far as Europe where the French say "Fromage" in the event of poor goal.
"Off the five bar with spins? AND cheetos? Damn, that's cheesy! Redo that shit!"
by Scabby Arm March 28, 2009
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1. Something that is unintentionally kitschy, tacky, or of poor quality, but these flaws go unnoticed by the admirers of said thing.

2. Something that was popular at some point in the past, but that now seems lame in retrospect.
1. I can't believe you like Ashlee Simpson. Her music is so cheesy.

2. Hey, look at this picture of dad from 1975! Check out those sideburns and bellbottoms! That's so cheesy!
by bstokes June 12, 2006
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Something that is overly cute, sweet, sentimental. In a positive way, yet over the top or trying too hard.
Allen wants to go on a gondola ride on the river with his friend Ariana and sing to her as well. He thought it might sound too cheesy but he suggested it anyway.
by KindlyTongue October 21, 2016
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1) Any form of entertainment (music, movies) or aesthetic (hair style, photo pose) that the status quo has deemed fully open to ridicule, usually with no explanation. More specifically, the status quo here being that of Generation X. "tacky" and "dated" are closely related words, but far from being exact synonyms.

2) Anything the speaker doesn't like, which makes it an immensely vague adjective

3) A term embraced by young self-proclaimed non-conformists, to hypocritically distinguish what they've been taught to dislike from what they've been taught to like
"Family Ties? That show was so cheesy!"

"Ha ha ha...Cameron just bought these used hair metal CDs he found in the store. The CDs are so cheesy! In fact, we hated them so much, that we kept listening to them last night and singing along until 4 in the morning."
by Bill M. July 23, 2004
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Something that is Cliché or overdone. Examples are livestrong bands, crank dat soulja boy, or outdated slang.
Cheesy Person: Hey Wazzup dawg!!??!? we in this shizzle

Me: That's so cheesy, ghetto people don't even talk like that
by Jersey Kid February 02, 2008
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