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1. A puffy and kind of stunned looking frat boy who probably wears polo shirts and listens to cock-rock. "Dude, you know the best man always bangs the maid of honour," is a common utterance of the cheesewheel; a cretinous twat-waffle; a male, bloated in both body and hair; a suburban mouth-breather.

2. A male child without a hope of ever being mistaken for intelligent, i.e., a little cheese.
"Check out the cheesewheel. A rare find in the museum. I gather he must have stumbled confusedly through the entrance after a clumsy attempt to 'pound' his own reflection in the glass of the door. What a fucking cheese."
by hostofhosts September 20, 2009
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Also known as Super Tuna Can, a gigantic penis, however, most of it's volume is derived from it's long diameter, not it's short length. Also known as Mega, Super, or Hyper Chode
Man, it's so hard to hide my cheese wheel, it just doesn't fit in any pants
by JeffZhang May 15, 2005
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A penis that is wider than it is long. People that have cheesewheel's are usually disgruntled and like corn. Hank Fox has a cheesewheel.
God, look at that stupid redneck Hank.
He has such a large cheesewheel
by CornStalker March 04, 2009
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A dick that resembles a cheesewheel.
It is a chode, but much wider.
"My cheesewheel is so wide, i gotta jack off like a DJ!"
by B.$$$.DUBBS January 06, 2006
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When a person's dick is relatively short in length but the width is phenomenal. Usually the width is at least 4 times the lengths. A synonym for CheeseWheel is panty wetter.
You oughta seen this guy, his dick was 2 inches long but like a foot long, like a CheeseWheel!!!
by eric_howie May 21, 2014
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Having to sit through a buddies set of bad jokes he always pulls off.
We met some girls the other night at the club and I had to sit through Barry's cheese wheel act again...Man it gets old.
by Ryo_slide December 02, 2008
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