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smokin bong after bong of dro is where it starts. Then after it starts, you will know. and you will know when it is happening after it starts. and you will take out the apostraphe b/c its too confusing with it in (it's). anyway, barbequed is a state of mind, effecting people diffrently, some people it makes them laugh, other it makes them cry, sometimes it even makes people CRAZY. barbequed is being high past the point of, lets say, "toasted", "baked", "grilled" etc. barbeque is also a great way to cook your pork. and then you will google whether they are pork ribs or beef ribs. off the topic again, barbequed happens after inhaling smoke from marijuana buds(thc!!), aka the fruit of the plant. HAVE FUN!
nick, coco, and sarah are extraordinarily "barbequed" at the moment. hehehehehehehe
by missy smelliot October 19, 2006
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