*Being peppy and ditsy as to boost the confidence and support levels of fellow peers and schoolfolk.. while being in a short skirt and looking really hot ;-) *
*Im gonna CHEER for you!* lets go.. pump it up! pump it up.. pump pump pump pump pump pump it up!!!
by Barbra Silly Pants January 28, 2004
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A "famous" bar that's to be found in Boston.
Let's go to Cheers! Yeah! We're tourists! Please talk funny while you mug us!
by quillitiesmazard April 07, 2005
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A word that is used by people who are (apperiantly) too cool to simply say "thanks", "thank you", or any other means of expression of gratitude that leaves them sounding like anything other than a contrived tool.
Thing 1. "Here you go man, here are the links you asked for"

Thing 2. "Oh thanks man! Cheers!"

Thing 1. No problem, it was my ple......wait a minute did you just say "Thanks" and "Cheers"? First of all you don't say 'cheers' if you already said 'thanks'. And second of all why the hell are you using the word 'cheers'? You were raised in Arkansas. (Tool)
by Nigel Sonkwa April 16, 2010
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Used often by Brits in different contexts, look at the other definitions posted by others.

Also used by Canadians and Americans, sort of as a way of saying "Thank you and have a nice day" or can just be used as "see ya" or "Thanks."
Server at a store or restaurant: "Here's the *product* you asked for. Anything else?"
Customer: "No, that's all, thanks."
Server: "Cheers."
Customer: *leaves*
by dSaur March 24, 2014
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To rally for. Though, cheering takes about 2 brain molecules to do.
"Dude, did you see that girl cheer?", "She cheered?"
by Josh January 30, 2004
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an arse - but only in the good sense
deek at the cheer on that!
- look at the arse on that!


I canna be cheered
- I can't be arsed
by alleycat December 13, 2007
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