a supposedly famous bar in boston (used for the naming of the show) that no bostonian has ever been in, and only tourists go to see.
tourist: why hello local ! What is your opinion about this "Cheers" bar?

bostonian: huh?
by becccca August 16, 2006
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(Used primarily in the UK) A word that has found it's way across the pond for pretentious hipsters and smarmy, haughty, douche-bags alike to abuse in order to sound more cultured or otherwise interesting.
"Actually the Freemasons DO fall under the Zionist umbrella for a New World Order. If you were anything other than a self-important, overly-opinionated, under-educated 'sheeple', it would be painfully obivous. I weep for you. *Passes himself the kleenex*

by The one and lonely. November 22, 2009
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a stock-standard aussie term used for saying thanks and appreciating some-one else's gesture.

it can also be used if something good is about to happen or has happened.
barmen: 'here's ya beer'
customer: 'cheers'


(a big wave is rolling in)
'cheers.. this one's gonna be a ripper'
by Maca101 April 01, 2008
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An alcoholic beverage that

makes one happy. An alcoholic drink that

makes you cheerful.

Cheer and fresh = rum and coke

I'm going to have some fresh
"You wuss, have some cheer instead"
by Eugene and Zhina March 02, 2008
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1) A way of saying 'thanks' in the UK, as well as a powerful asset to sarcasm.

2) A bar in Boston, probably the best thing to go see in Boston, there isn't anything else worth seeing in that city.
American Tourist: "Stop calling me a yank on my vacation, I understand I'm American, and we saved your ass in WWII"

English Local: "Oh, cheers mate"

Person 1: "Why did our plane need to land in Boston for repairs before we got to New York, we're gonna be here for hours!"

Person 2: "Well we can go visit Fenway!"

Person 1: "Fuck that, lets visit the Cheers bar"
by 1337 Fork January 03, 2008
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A TV show, known for the one liners cracked off by the great George Wendt, and dominated the freakishly large forehead of Ted Danson.
Woody: Jack Frost nipping at your toes, Mr. Peterson?
Norm: Yeah, now let's get Joe Beer nipping at my liver.

Sam: What'll you have Normie?
Norm: Well, I'm in a gambling mood Sammy. I'll take a glass of whatever comes out of that tap.
Sam: Looks like beer, Norm.
Norm: Call me Mister Lucky.

Sam: What's new, Normie?
Norm: Terrorists, Sam. They've taken over my stomach and they're demanding beer.

Sam: What are you up to, Norm?
Norm: My ideal weight... if I were 11 feet tall.
by David Steinberg December 29, 2006
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A term that some american douchebags say to make themselves sound more interesting. This term is abused too much and needs to stop. It is NOT to be used to close a statement, paragraph, as a cocky remark, or in place of "thank you" every time a simple "thank you/thanks" is in order. It is to be used when doing a toast with an alcoholic beverage or ONLY if you are from the uk or australia.

Valet: β€œhere u go sir, here are your keys”
Retard: β€œoh, cheers man!”
Hi Karen, just wanted to tell you it was a such a pleasure meeting you the other night but the look on your face told me that you might not feel the same way. I hope that this is not so because I would like to meet again sometime very soon. Please let me know.
Asswad Douchedorkinson
by thesouthernbelle May 14, 2008
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