word used to describe a fart that is released when there is a great risk of shitting ur pants
1.) I dont know if i should let this fart go...its a gambler.
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One who believes he can predict the future.
Gambler John Montagu, The Earl of Sandwich.
by Prof. Osled November 23, 2009
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One who has multiple sexual partners without using a condom.
"Damn Jim, you sure are a gambler banging all those chicks without a rubber!"
by hotdiggitydogg March 25, 2014
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The Gambler is a sex move where you fuck someone then die in your sleep.
Todd pulled a gambler with his girlfriend, which I guess was the best he could hope for.
by Percy Gavronsk October 20, 2018
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Used to describe the act of farting when you're not sure if you will be farting or shitting your pants.
Damn...that Vietnamese food is tearing my stomach up! I'm bout to pull a gambler! Hope it's a fart and I don't shit my pants!
by xloc918 May 29, 2004
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Rainbow gambler is term used in the middle and north of the UK to describe a compulsive and erratic gambler of limited financial status - the bottom feeders of the gambling fraternity. The term meaning they are always chasing that pot of gold at the end if the rainbow but always coming up short
Danny is a rainbow gambler, he had hardly any money to pay his bills but gambles it all, the guy is a loser
by GamblersRamblers January 15, 2014
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1. A book written by "Oklahoma Johnny" Hale that tells his story from his humble beginnings as a poor country boy to his successes in business to his wild gambling days playing high stakes poker.

2. A term used to describe an older wealthy man who now lives as a professional high stakes gambler, or is just involved in high stakes gambling on a regular basis. His true wealth may be a product of his success at gambling or other unrelated business ventures, or could even be inherited. The gentleman gambler may at times be viewed as a gentleman of leisure and he often prides himself as a true gentleman, honest and fair, but also as a cool and calm player with many years of gambling experience.
Santos is a true gentleman gambler who has been playing poker all his life. Always brings a lot of money to the table and is very generous, but is still respectful of the other players.
by ALWXXX February 27, 2011
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