A term normally used in Malaysia and Singapore to refer to ethnic Chinese youths with a rather loud, and/or some would say, terrible sense of fashion. They probably would come from a lower income household. Some would argue that these youths are trying to emulate Japanese street fashion, but did not really succeed. The common Ah Beng would sport an outrageously bleached, or blond-dyed hair; an odd bootcut trousers; a tight t-shirt; and some not really pretty tattoos. Ah Bengs are normally thin, and some are habitual drug users (especially ecstasy).
I dont like to go to Warp? There's so many Ah Bengs there.
by kawaputra October 3, 2006
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A male version of an ah lian (see ah lian). Bad fashion sense, distasteful male who speaks bad english, is lowly educated, crude, loud, foul mouthed. Often times seen in unsavoury places like nightclubs or karaoke joints with cigarette in mouth; often times trying to pick up (but in vain). A hokkien term, commonly used in Singapore / Malaysia. Also known as pests of society!
Did you see that chao ah beng? Comb sticking out of his pocket, puffy hair, squatting in one corner smoking cigarette, damn cannot make it rite?
by Loz the moz August 27, 2006
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male delinquents who have bad dress sense or absolutely none at all.
"just look at that ah beng over there! eww, poor thing, is he color blind?"
by my name. March 21, 2005
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hooligans who have bad dress sense
"just look at that ah beng over there! eew, is he color blind?"
by my name. March 21, 2005
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A chinese minority group in Malaysia and Singapore who likes to listen to techno music and grows a curly finger nail on the pinky finger only, this will allow them to get the booger out of their noses and dig out ear wax.
see that Ah beng!
by Maschom March 10, 2021
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Person who acts as a bully or a Chinese gangster or acting really cool like a rich man
You ah bengal ah?
by Gun ish March 23, 2016
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Like an ah beng, except to the power of 100 and indestructible. Laughed at and despised but able to thrive and noble-like even! Able to bash 200 spoiled brats with a single blow and go home to eat chicken chow mein and watch his favourite taiwanese porno. A formidable opponent and worthy of respect.
Punk A: Haha, look at that ah beng in his baggy pants (sniggers).
Punk B: That's not any ah beng. he's a super ah beng and he'd kick your ass in a minute.
Punk A: OH (keeps very quiet).
by super ah beng February 8, 2007
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