A female version of an ah beng (see ah beng). Bad fashion sense, distasteful female who speaks bad english, is lowly educated, crude, loud, foul mouthed. Often times seen in unsavoury places like nightclubs or karaoke joints. A hokkien term, commonly used in Singapore / Malaysia.
Wah lau, you damn chao ah lian man! Can be less trendy or what lor? So tak style..
by Loz the moz August 27, 2006
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A degratory term, similar to ah bengs, but used for females. Ah lians are individuals who are low class and often have a loose ass to afford their malboros. In other words, They are mostly prostitutes or trash of the society.
The doctor told me not to date an ah lian, because all of them have aids.
by ToxicGod October 24, 2017
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