Used when someone helps you in a way that goes over what you would typically expact. 'Kind Sir' shows you acknowledge his act of kindness and you also call him sir as a sign of respect and acceptance to his act. (Females can use this term to address a male)
If Michael drops all of his books on the floor while walking down the hallway, and someone he does not know too well comes along and picks up the books with him when he could have easily walked on. You would say 'Oh thankyou kind sir!'
by YoungPee November 22, 2013
Used to address people you care little to nothing about, in a manner, which is polite, yet not truly respectful.
Hey Kind Sir, May I Please Kindly Have Your Bank Account Details?
by shamanism August 23, 2018
Code for a reach around; when you want to subtly let someone know your nefarious intentions.
Tanner: "Thank you for the ride home."
Artemis: "You're very welcome, kind sir."
by mynoduesp20 October 2, 2020
Person 1 :I helped your grandmother cross the road with her shopping
Person 2 :Oh you Kind Young sir!
by Slashdoomer July 25, 2017